Payment Integration Built Around You.

It's clear. Sellers need an integrated payment solution that saves time AND money.

  • Reconciling sales is too cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Tracking down non-paying buyers is eating profits
  • Unsecure credit card transactions open up you and your buyers to risk
  • Credit card fees only seem to be climbing

Proxibid has worked with our sellers to understand all these concerns. And we have developed an integrated payment solution to truly meet those needs — APN payment solutions.

Our solution was created with you, the auctioneer, in mind.
We offer access to PCI-compliant solutions at the lowest rates in the industry.
What Is APN?
Founded in 2010, APN was created with online sellers in mind. Our sophisticated and user-friendly solution is designed to make payment processing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Never again spend countless hours following an event inputting credit card numbers because our PCI-compliant solution offers secure processing completed in a few simple clicks. APN can consolidate credit cards from phone bidders, swiped on-site, hand keyed or via Proxibid into a single system. Cloud design allows users to log in from anywhere and complete transactions.

APN payment network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proxibid, Inc., the most trusted online Marketplace for buying and selling highly valued items.

Why Use APN?
APN is so unique in the industry because it is a seller-initiated solution. You do not have to chase down buyers for credit card or payment information. With APN the payment information is already securely stored and sellers are authorized to charge a buyer’s credit card immediately following a sale. With APN, you’re in control.

APN saves sellers time with payment processing completed in a few simple clicks. Regardless of whether you are processing online or onsite transactions, APN combines all your reporting needs into one application. APN allows you to maintain one system for tracking and managing your credit card payments for all sales. Robust reporting capabilities allow for easy research and reconciliation. You can search by sale, date range, dollar amount, bidder, buyer and card type.

APN has negotiated exclusive, low-industry rates by leveraging the combined size of our network of Proxibid sellers. This pre-negotiated rate ensures APN customers have access to some of the lowest rates for swiped transactions.

How APN Works
When buyers are invoiced, the funds are delivered directly to your bank account via APN’s secure data network—no third-party provider will collect from your buyers.

All of APN’s products and services meet the payment card industry’s stringent security requirements. APN was built on a secure network which protects cardholder data and encrypts this data when being transmitted across the network. APN maintains a vulnerability management program, implements strong access control measures, regularly monitors and tests networks and maintains an information security policy to ensure a secure environment for all cardholder data.

We understand the importance of consumer confidence, especially when selling online. If bidders don’t feel their transactions are secure, they won’t buy at your auctions. With APN, your bidders can rest assured that their transactions are secure and their personal information is safe.

What Is PCI Compliance?
The payment card industry has developed comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security and to ensure consistent data security, which helps to protect customer account data on a global scale. These protective measures have been put into place to instill consumer confidence when making online purchases. While PCI-compliance is not a law, merchant processors will soon cease to process payments and may also enforce business-altering consequences for organizations that are not in compliance with these industry standards.